how to add an admin to Google Search Console

How to add an admin to Google Search Console

Here is a step by step visual tutorial on how to add an admin to Google Search Console! With screenshots to follow this is a very easy process.

First you go to and make sure to log in with the gmail address you used to set up your Search Console.

the login screen of google search console

1. Find the setting button

In this case, the settings button can be found on the left side of your screen, underneath “links”. You might have to scroll a little.

In case you’re wondering, this is an “empty” profile from an old http url, hence the no traffic. 😉

2. Click on Users and Permissions

After clicking on “Settings”, you’ll see this screen where you can click on “users and permissions”. It also shows you who already has access.

3. Click on add user and choose their permission

Next you click on the blue “add user” button, which will show a pop-up menu where you can enter their email address and the level of permission you want to give them. Always use a gmail address for Google products. After filling out the email address and choosing the permission level, click again on add.

add user to google search console

3.1 Permission level Owner

When you choose to add a user with the permission of an owner, it means the new user has the same level of control as you do. That includes adding and removing users and having access to all data, configuration settings and tools.

3.2 Permission level Full

Full permission for your user, means they have access to most settings, but won’t be able to add or remove users.

3.3 Permission level Restricted

A restricted user can’t change settings and configurations. They can view most data.

4. Check their information

You can now see your newly added person in the list of users. Note that you can quickly change their permission settings by clicking on the 3 dots on the right. Again, make sure you used their gmail address or they won’t be able to access Google Search Console.

5. That’s how to add an admin to Google Search Console

Differently than with adding an admin to Google Analytics, your user won’t receive a confirmation email (unless you add them as an owner) and will just be added. So give them a heads up and when accessing Google Search Console with their gmail address, they’ll see your website’s data. The first time when logging into their Google Search Console Panel, they’ll see the message shown here. Of course the notifications can change when Google decides to update this process.

At Chunky Squirrel we feel that the search console is a fantastic way to look at which keywords you are doing well for. When it comes to SEO, it gives you more information than Google Analytics 4.

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