Tech Solutions

When you have a website, sometimes you need a hand with the technical side of things.

How do Chunky Squirrel tech solutions work?

1. Troubleshoot and fixing errors

We’ve all been there: you changed something in the back-end of your WordPress (or other) dashboard and now suddenly your website doesn’t work the way it should.

Or your website shows up as “not secure” for visitors using antivirus software.

Maybe your website still doesn’t have an SSL certificate (https) and leads to a stern warning in the browser.

Whatever your website issue may be, we can help!

2. Maintenance and updates

Don’t feel confident about updating your website’s platform or plugins? Or you’re too busy to update the content? We’ve got your back!

Looking to add a banner, change a colour or add other small tweaks?

We’ll take care of all technical or visual tasks regarding your website.

squirrel cartoon with hammer next to a laptop representing website tech solutions

3. Server migration or website migration

Suffering from a slow or lagging website? There’s a good chance your current web host is no longer sufficient for what you require.

Whether you need a bigger hosting package (but have no clue of how much), or you need to migrate to a different web server: we can help.

And you you’re thinking of switching content management platforms (for instance from Wix or Weebly to WordPress) we’re here for you too!

4. Other technical solutions

Are you at a point where your website needs more functionality, but you have no idea where to start or how to achieve it?

Tell us what you have in mind and we’ll recommend you the best solutions, and help you implement them.

Fix your website - pay per hour!

  • Services starts at $120* (2 hours of work included).
  • Additional time is billed at $60*/h.
  • Or contact us for project-based quotes.

* Prices do not include 5% GST

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