Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website to rank higher and get found more often in Search Engines. Google (and other search engines) crawls your website’s code to find out what it’s all about and that’s where SEO comes in.

We currently only offer organic SEO services. This means we optimize your website to be found without paid ads. But don’t hesitate to reach out if you do want Google Ads, because we can refer you to a trusted company.

Organic SEO can have a big impact with results that can last for years. Which of course is great for all business owners and entrepeneurs who want to attract more customers.

How does Chunky Squirrel search engine optimization work?

1. Intake call​

During an initial video chat we discuss your business, your goals for your website, potential issues you are facing and more.

2. Intake questionnaire

When we decide to work together you’ll receive an in-depth questionnaire that gathers all the nitty-gritty details.

3. Extensive SEO audit​

All SEO work starts with this audit! Because before working on your website, it’s important to have all the information.

seo services by Chunky Squirrel in Vancouver

What is included in your SEO audit?

An initial discussion about your website structure and it’s content distribution. Are your pages optimized for specific keywords? And how are they linking together?

Next we dive into keyword research. Keywords are the terms that describe the content on your page or post best. This research goes quite far, because it’s at the heart of your SEO strategy! Without knowing in detail which terms your audience is searching for, how do you know what to optimize your website for?

I do this research based on the information in our intake form, as well as a competitor analysis. Your competitors (or businesses you find inspiring!) might have some great strategies in place that can help you too.

Next I do a technical SEO audit of your website, which means I look at the backend and see if there are technical issues interfering with your ranking.

A technical audit includes items such as:

  • meta descriptions
  • title tags
  • alt tags
  • issues with crawlability
  • code issues
  • broken links
  • issues with content
  • issues with images
    and more.

Don’t worry if these technical terms don’t mean anything to you. The report will explain everything for those who like to know.

Websites linking back to your website, increases your website’s authority. (unless they’re spammy sites) For this reason we include a list of websites your competitors receive backlinks from so you can acquire a link to. We also share which websites are currently linking to you.
A brief website speed test is included for technical items impacting your website speed that weren’t picked up in the technical audit. The faster your website loads, the happier your users (and search engines!) are.

All of the information from the report will be condensed into a handy to-do list, organized from high to low priority. If you’re someone who likes to implement their own changes, you can follow along this list with no problem. And we’re available to answer questions within the scope of the to-do list.

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to work on SEO at all, we offer our hourly services. Time estimates will be included in the to-do list where possible.


  • Audit and report only: $1250*
  • Peanut: report, and 3 pages/posts optimized: $1600*
  • Acorn: report, and 10 pages/posts optimized: $2000*
  • Walnut: all in (report, and up to 80 hours of work): $5000*
  • Custom work (or additional hours): $60/hour*

* Prices do not include 5% GST for Canadian clients

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