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As a business owner, you have better and more fun uses for your time than performing tasks like updating plugins, improving your on-site SEO or figuring out how to change designs. Outsource your website work to the Chunky Squirrel team and take control over your website and your time.

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The team behind Chunky Squirrel

We’re Tanja and Jelger! After creating and maintaining several websites over the past 15 years, we decided to launch Chunky Squirrel to help other business owners with theirs!

We know the importance of an up-to-date and fast website.

Our website services

Chunky Squirrel offers website-agency services at a small-business price point. We offer flexible packages with as little or as much help as you require. Outsource your entire website management to us, or enjoy one of our hybrid DIY solutions.

Looking to revamp your website with a fresh design? Scratching your head about ranking higher in google’s search results? No idea how to fix your website outage or bugs? The Chunky Squirrel team can help.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO services include:

Website design

(Re)design your website

Tech solutions

Taking care of all website issues

Our latest articles

We created a free SEO extension for Google Chrome that allows you to spy on your (and your competitors’) SEO settings. Check out and download the Chunky Squirrel on-page SEO analyzer! In this article I go over each element of the extension and why you want to get this information to improve your website’s SEO! […]

There’s a great small business grant available in BC: the CDAP (Canadian Digital Adaptation Plan) Grant. The Canadian government made funds available (1.4 billion to be specific) for small businesses to improve their online presence. And each province has a couple of providers through whom you can apply. This means that you can receive funds […]

If your website runs on a website-as-a-service platform such as Shopify, Squarespace, Wix or other similar platform, you can skip this post! Because you can’t choose your web host. But if you have a WordPress website (except if it’s hosted on, custom coded website or other content management system that allows you to choose […]

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