Email troubleshooting

Do your emails end up in spam? We can fix that for you!

Diagnosing email delivery issues

Do your emails go straight to spam folders? Or worse, do they never arrive at their intended destination?

Whether you’re sure of the cause of these issues or not, we can help. We’ll do a full audit of your email delivery, and will recommend the best fix to you.

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Setup email authentication

If your email isn’t authenticated, you risk being punished by Google and other search engines. Since February 2024, you need SPF and DKIM email authentication for your domain or your emails might end up in spam.

Find out more about the details here in Google’s email sender guidlines. (Note that there are remarks for all senders as well as for bulk senders) 

If all of this feels overwhelming to you, let us help you out, setting it up during a convenient 30 minute call.

This call includes: setting up your SPF and DKIM and if needed adding a DMARC record. 

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