The team behind Chunky Squirrel

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Tanja is the main squirrel. She’ll answer most of your messages and she’s the one that goes “squeee” when seeing a squirrel in real life.

Through her work as a wedding photographer in Vancouver’s highly competitive market, she first learned about the importance of good SEO practices in 2013. Thanks to implementing what she learned in various courses, 95% of her clients found her on Google.

She also successfully completed a digital marketing course from Alacrity in 2021.


Jelger is our technical squirrel, quietly stashing away all the nuts. He’s a quiet thinker and loves solving puzzles.

With over 20 years of experience working with websites, including creating them when WordPress was just launched, he has a deep understanding of how websites work.

He can also definitely take a look and fix issues in the back end.

Jelger + Tanja

We met many moons ago in Belgium, where Jelger was a lawyer and Tanja a physiotherapist. Our first long conversation when we started dating was about… (you guessed it) squirrels. Later on Tanja would hide a toy squirrel (named Ferdinand) in various spots of Jelger’s apartment as a running joke. After moving to Canada together, we started a successful wedding photography company. During the pandemic our focus shifted to digital work, which led to the founding of Chunky Squirrel Services.

Now many years later, we are working on living amongst actual squirrels on our remote forested property in the interior of BC.

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