how to add an admin to Google Analytics 4

How to add an admin to Google Analytics 4

With this easy visual tutorial, you’ll be able to add an admin to Google Analytics 4 in no time!

First of all, go to and make sure you use the gmail address you used to set it up.

1. Find the admin button

Once you arrive at the main page, you’ll want to find the admin button at the left bottom corner of your screen. The side bar will automatically slide open as you hover at it.
Click on the button.

main google analytics 4 page find admin button

2. Go to account access management

The second item under account settings is where you’ll find the account access management. Click on it.

account management settings in google analytics 4

3. Add access permissions to new users

Next, click on the blue plus sign in the right corner, which will send you towards the area where you can add the new users. Click on add users in the dropdown menu that appears.

access permission new users in google analytics 4

4. Add roles and data restrictions

Here is where you want to enter the email address of the person that you want to add as admin to your Google Analytics 4! Don’t forget that you need their gmail address, as this doesn’t work with other email addresses.

In case you want to know what the difference is between the different roles, here’s a quick summery! If you want to read Google’s full explantion, you can find it here.

4.1. Admin/administrator

The admin has full control over the account. So if you’re working with a third person that you want to give a little less access, editor is your next best bet. Managing the account, can also mean several domains/properties under one account.

4.2 Editor

An editor has access to almost everything an admin has, except for managing users. (so an editor can’t add or remove users)
Usually with Chunky Squirrel for convenience sake we’d request editor or admin access.

4.3 Marketer

A marketer can edit audiences, conversions, events etc. Their access is on the property level, so less access compared to the editor level for the entire account.

4.4 Analyst

An analyst can make, edit and remove certain property assets. They can also collaborate on shared assets, but with less access than the marketer.

4.5 Viewer

A viewer has access to see settings and data. They can’t edit any settings.

4.6 None

This could be used to add someone who will later on receive more access. Or someone who only occasionally gets more access.

4.7 No Cost Metrics/No Revenue Metrics

If you don’t want a user to see your metrics related to costs and/or revenue, you can mark those areas as restricted.

5. Add the person

After choosing the role and setting restrictions where necessary, you can click on the blue add button in the upper right corner.

add admin GA4

6. Check their info

Once they’re added, you should see the email address and the role you assigned to them show up in this row.
Know that you can always easily change their permissions by clicking on the 3 dots next to their name.

update user access in google analytics 4

7. The admin can now accept

Your admin will by now have received an email invitation to your Google Analytics 4 account!

email invitation google analytics admin

8. That’s how to add an admin to Google Analytics 4

I hope this was straightforward and that you now feel confident adding and admin to your Google Analytics 4!

At Chunky Squirrel, we work on our client’s SEO! Feel free to get in touch if you would like more info.

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